Nov 27, 2015

How to prevent your cell phone from hanging

How to prevent your cell phone from hanging
How to prevent your phone from hanging
Cell phone getting hanged is a common issue mobile phone users are facing worldwide. It is so annoying when you have some important work to do but your phone refuses by getting hanged. You are out of moves and all you can do is to wait and watch. There are some reasons behind it. You can prevent your phone from hanging though.
Here are 5 tips you can use to prevent your phone from getting hanged.

Tip 1: Uninstall all antivirus and cleaning apps from your phone. These apps are one of the reasons for your phone getting hanged.

Tip 2: Only keep the apps you really need. Any apps you don’t need should be uninstalled. More the apps in your phone slow the performance. These apps may at times dangerous for your phone because all these apps keep increasing the data storage and finally hang your phone.

Tip 3: Your apps make a large amount of data inside your phone. Over the time the data gets increased. At regular intervals keep clearing the data of apps you use. It will keep your phone healthy.

Tip 4: Try to install the apps in SD Card instead of internal memory as it puts a lot of pressure on RAM and phone starts to hang. If you have already installed apps to internal memory, move them to SD Card.

Tip 5: Always try to keep the internal storage of your phone free. Make sure you keep your data on SD card whether it is videos or images or anything else. This will prevent you’re your phone from getting hanged. It will increase the speed of your phone as well.

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