Nov 18, 2015

How to speed up your slow PC

How to speed up a slow computer
Over the time your computer starts getting slowed and does not run smoothly. Its annoying I know. There are many reasons behind the slow performance of your PC. 
Here are five ways you can clean and speedup an old PC to make it work better.

1. Speed up the Startup
Most likely your computer is not slow – it’s the dozens of programs turning on during startup that is slowing it down. You can choose the programs which you like to turn on at startup by following below steps:-
                1.Click Start button, type “msconfig” in the search box and press Enter.
        2.Click on startup
        3.Select the programs you would like to turn on at startup. (Less programs = More speed)
        4.Click OK.

2. Clear your computer.
Your computer collects a lot of temporary files which cause your computer to run slow. Follow the below steps to clean up your computer.
a        1.Click Start button, type “disk” in the search box
b        2.Click on DiscCleanup usually appear at the top.
c        3.A new window will pop up. Click OK and wait as it will take some time.
d        4.Check all boxes and click OK.
e        5.A confirmation dialog box will appear. Click Delete Files.

3. Uninstall unnecessary programs.
One of main reasons for slowing down computer is excessive programs installed. You should only install programs which you use. Uninstall the programs you don’t use anymore.

4. Make Some Upgrades.
The most effective way to speed up your PC is to add more RAM (random access memory). Go to My Computer > Properties to find out how much RAM your computer has, if it is less than 2GB, you must upgrade your RAM.

5. Keep your computer updated.
You must keep your computer programs updated. An outdated program may not only slow down your computer but also can cause damage to your computer or data as an outdated program contains vulnerabilities. You can manually update a program or turn on “Automatic Updates”. 

There are many software as well which can keep your computer clean automatically. Click Here to download one of these software to get the job done for you.

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Happy Learning.... :)
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