Oct 24, 2015

How to hide/unhide a file extension

How to hide/unhide a file extension

www.tyk786.blogspot.comWhat is a file extension? A file extension is the alphabets written after the filename. For example in a file named “Tariq.txt” the file extension is “.txt”. Your computer identifies the files by their file extensions.
At times we need to change the extension of a file. By default file extensions are hidden. You can unhide the file extension and then only you will be able to change the file extension. Follow the steps below:-

  Step1:- In a Folder, click on "Organize" from top left and select "Folder and Search Option"
Step2:- Click on "View" Tab. Uncheck "Hide extensions from known file types" and Save.

  Step 3:- Click Apply and OK. Now you will be able to see the extensions.

You can watch my video tutorial for the same below

       Click here to watch the video
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Oct 20, 2015

Effective email writing tips

      Effective email writing tips

Today In this age of science and technology use of email is compulsory. There will be hardly any person without an email account.From personal to corporate use, email is used everywhere.If you want to learn how to write an effective email or how to write an effective official email 
Here we are sharing with you some important tips for effective email writing. Please go through the points listed below for the same.

Few Good Opening Statements
  •  This is to inform you
  • This is to seek your permission
  • This is to update you
  • This is to bring to your notice
  • Please give approval for
  • Further to our discussion
  • I would like to
  • With reference to
   Few Good Closing Statements
  •  Please get in touch for any clarifications
  •  Please get in touch for further discussions
  •  I would be glad to be of assistance
  • I would appreciate your prompt response
  • Thanking you in anticipation
  •  Looking forward to your prompt response
  •  Looking forward to your cooperation
  • Your support is appreciated
  • Should you have any clarification

    Few Words That could be Replaced With
  • Reply  => Response / Respond
  • Thank => Appreciate
  • Sorry => Apologize
  • Please => Request you to
  • Problems => Issues/ challenges
  • Can => Could (Can is considered to be very rude but could is more polite)
  • But => However
  • Regarding => with respect to

  Things to be Remember, While Writing Official Mails
  • Email opening: Dear / Hello with first name is accepted globally. Practice using it.
  • Email closing: Closing statement is very important in an official mail. Please use it from the list mentioned above.
  • Words like guy / chill / cheers etc which are more funky type should not be used in official emails.
  • In the subject line we should not use verbs. Subject should not have more than 17 words
  • Using capital words in the mail. This is considered very rude and arrogant.
  •  Exclamation marks should not be used in the mail.
  • Void 2-3 messages on one paragraph. Try to convey one message in one Para.
  •  If required use bullets and make points. It is always easier for the recipient to reply points.
  • Instead of writing ASAP try to give timeline. This avoids confusion.

Hope you will find it worth inculcating as a practice & help enhance your communication skill.
Happy learning...

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How to insert Facebook emoticon

             Facebook has become one of the largest social networking sites. Almost every person has a Facebook account. Facebook gives us the choice to use a large no of emoticons to express our feelings. These emoticons can be inserted by writing a small code. If you are not sure how to insert a Facebook emoticon, Here are some commonly used emoticons with their respective codes. 

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