Dec 18, 2016

How to Block Websites in Mozilla Firefox
While internet came with an ocean of good things, it can turn really bad in some cases like your children getting access to unwanted websites accidentally or may be deliberately. 

To Block Websites on Firefox is same as to block websites in Chrome. In Firefox also there is no particular setting to block websites. In Firefox also you have to use an extension just like in Chrome.
Follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox.
Step 2: From top right click on "Add-ons".(Figure 1)
Figure 1

Step 3: In top left click on Get Add-ons(Figure 2)
Figure 2
Step 4: In top right search box, search for "block site". (Figure 3)
Figure 3

Step 5: Install the "Block Site" add-on by clicking “Install” button. (Figure 4)
Figure 4

Step 6: Restart your browser.

Step 7: After installing, go to Extensions. Click on  options button.A new window will pop up. (Figure 5)
Figure 5

Step 8: Click on “add” Button. (Figure 6)
Figure 6

Another window will pop up.

Step 9: Now enter the website you want to block in location field. (Figure 7)
Figure 7

All Done…!!! You have successfully blocked the website.

Any Questions? Leave a comment....!!!
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How to make a bootable USB drive
Installing windows from a bootable pen drive/ USB drive is far more easy than doing the same with a CD or DVD. For the said purpose the most important thing you need is a BOOTABLE PEN DRIVE.
In this post i will guide you through the whole process of making a pen drive bootable for installing windows on a computer system.

Follow the steps below:-

Step1:- Insert your pen drive in to USB port (make sure you don't have any personal data in it as we will format the drive).

Step2:- Open Command Prompt and run it as an Administrator. (Type cmd in search bar, Right-click on the displayed result and select "Run as Administrator".) Example Fig 1

Step 3:- Enter the command diskpart to open the disk management utility. Example Fig 2

Step 4:- Enter the command list disk to display the list of all the drives connected to your computer including your USB/Pen drive. Note down the number of your pen/USB drive.(in my case its 2). Example Fig 3

Step 5:- Enter the command select disk 2 to select your USB drive (Here 2 is the number of USB drive. Change it if your pen drive bears any other number.) Example Fig 4

Step 6:- Enter the command clean to clean the flash drive. It will clean your disk and erase all data. Example Fig 5

Step 7:- Enter the command create partition primary to create a bootable partition on your disk. Example Fig 6

Step 8:- Enter the command Select partition 1 to select the new partition you created on your disk. Example Fig 7

Step 9:- Enter the command active to activate the new partition you created on your disk. 
Example Fig 8
Step 10:- Enter the command format fs=fat32 to format the USB drive. Sit back and relax as it will take some time depending upon the size of your disk. wait till it is 100%. Example Fig 9

Step 11:- Enter the command assign to give your USB drive a drive letter. Example Fig 10

Step 12:- Enter the command exit to exit from the command prompt programme. Example Fig 11

Step 13:- Now copy the operating system files to your pen drive. Copy any drivers you need during the windows installation.

Congratulations. . . . . . . . . .

Thats it. You are all done. Your USB Drive is now bootable. Ready to install windows.

Any questions? Leave a comment....!!
Happy Learning..... :)
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Jun 6, 2016

Play fantasy cricket and earn real money

Yes! The post title reads right. You can earn money by playing fantasy cricket.
It is a strategy game. On a match day you can join leagues and you will win alot of money depending upon the performance of players you selected for your fantasy cricket team. Utilize your cricket knowledge and earn as much as u can. More cricket knowledge means higher chances of winning millions. I hv already transfered 500 to my bank account.

Follow the steps:-

Step 1- First of all download Dream11 Pro app from GooglePlay.
 Step 2- Open app and Select "Invited by a friend"
Step 3- Enter my reference code TYKFG1UV . By joining with my reference we both get
₹100. (It was ₹250 till 24 January 2017)
Step 4- Create account by entering other details like phone number email etc and verify the same. As soon as your account is complete, you will be credited with ₹100. (₹40 for app download ₹40 for phone number verification and ₹ 20 for email verification)

Step 5- Select a match and create your fantasy team.

Step 6- Select captain and vice captain of your team. (Select these wisely because your captains points will be multiplied by 2, and vice captains points will be multiplied by 1.5)
Step 7- Use your cricket knowledge and join leagues of you choice to start earning.

For more info Click here to view Dream 11 website's FAQ's. It will be a lot more helpfull.
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