Dec 18, 2016

How to make a bootable USB drive
Installing windows from a bootable pen drive/ USB drive is far more easy than doing the same with a CD or DVD. For the said purpose the most important thing you need is a BOOTABLE PEN DRIVE.
In this post i will guide you through the whole process of making a pen drive bootable for installing windows on a computer system.

Follow the steps below:-

Step1:- Insert your pen drive in to USB port (make sure you don't have any personal data in it as we will format the drive).

Step2:- Open Command Prompt and run it as an Administrator. (Type cmd in search bar, Right-click on the displayed result and select "Run as Administrator".) Example Fig 1

Step 3:- Enter the command diskpart to open the disk management utility. Example Fig 2

Step 4:- Enter the command list disk to display the list of all the drives connected to your computer including your USB/Pen drive. Note down the number of your pen/USB drive.(in my case its 2). Example Fig 3

Step 5:- Enter the command select disk 2 to select your USB drive (Here 2 is the number of USB drive. Change it if your pen drive bears any other number.) Example Fig 4

Step 6:- Enter the command clean to clean the flash drive. It will clean your disk and erase all data. Example Fig 5

Step 7:- Enter the command create partition primary to create a bootable partition on your disk. Example Fig 6

Step 8:- Enter the command Select partition 1 to select the new partition you created on your disk. Example Fig 7

Step 9:- Enter the command active to activate the new partition you created on your disk. 
Example Fig 8
Step 10:- Enter the command format fs=fat32 to format the USB drive. Sit back and relax as it will take some time depending upon the size of your disk. wait till it is 100%. Example Fig 9

Step 11:- Enter the command assign to give your USB drive a drive letter. Example Fig 10

Step 12:- Enter the command exit to exit from the command prompt programme. Example Fig 11

Step 13:- Now copy the operating system files to your pen drive. Copy any drivers you need during the windows installation.

Congratulations. . . . . . . . . .

Thats it. You are all done. Your USB Drive is now bootable. Ready to install windows.

Any questions? Leave a comment....!!
Happy Learning..... :)
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