Jun 6, 2016

Play fantasy cricket and earn real money

Yes! The post title reads right. You can earn money by playing fantasy cricket.
It is a strategy game. On a match day you can join leagues and you will win alot of money depending upon the performance of players you selected for your fantasy cricket team. Utilize your cricket knowledge and earn as much as u can. More cricket knowledge means higher chances of winning millions. I hv already transfered 500 to my bank account.

Follow the steps:-

Step 1- First of all download Dream11 Pro app from GooglePlay.
 Step 2- Open app and Select "Invited by a friend"
Step 3- Enter my reference code TYKFG1UV . By joining with my reference we both get
₹100. (It was ₹250 till 24 January 2017)
Step 4- Create account by entering other details like phone number email etc and verify the same. As soon as your account is complete, you will be credited with ₹100. (₹40 for app download ₹40 for phone number verification and ₹ 20 for email verification)

Step 5- Select a match and create your fantasy team.

Step 6- Select captain and vice captain of your team. (Select these wisely because your captains points will be multiplied by 2, and vice captains points will be multiplied by 1.5)
Step 7- Use your cricket knowledge and join leagues of you choice to start earning.

For more info Click here to view Dream 11 website's FAQ's. It will be a lot more helpfull.
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