Jan 27, 2017

How to add popular posts widget in blogger

Popular Posts widget is a must have for a blog or  website An eye-catching popular post widget not only increases the beauty and style of your website/Blog but it will impress your readers also. This will also increase the chance to get more clicks in your blog. today we will learn about how to add a Popular Posts widget in your blog. Adding and customizing popular post is very easy. 
Just follow the steps below-

Step 1- Login to your Blogger account and go to Layout as shown in Fig 1.
Fig 1

Step 2-  Click "Add a gadget" as shown in fig 2 below.
Fig 2
Step 3- A pop up box will open, select "Popular posts" widget from it as shown in Fig3 below.
Fig 3
Step 4- Now configure your Popular posts Widget as shown in fig 4 below.

Fig 4
1- Name you like to display in your  blog for popular posts widget. Rename it according to your taste.
2- The time period you want blogger to choose posts from. You can choose any but All time is recommended.

3- How many posts you like to display in popular posts widget (Max 10). Check Image thumbnail to show images.

4Save your popular posts Gadget.

Step 4- At last click Save arrangement at top right corner as in fig 5
Fig 5
Hurray.....! You have successfully added popular posts widget to your blog.

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