Jan 28, 2017

How to block websites in a PC

How to block websites in a PC
While internet came with an ocean of good things, it can turn really bad in some cases like your children getting access to unwanted websites accidentally or may be deliberately.

If you are looking to Block Websites on your PC, then here is the simplest method to block it. You don't have to download any kind of software or so.

Follow the steps below to block websites in a PC:

Step 1: Go to My computer>C>Windows>System32>Drivers>etc.

Step 2: Open "hosts" file in notepad as shown in Figure1 below.
Figure 1

Step 3: At the end of the notepad enter then give a space and enter the URL of the website which you want to block. You can block as many websites as you want. Example www.twitter.com www.facebook.com www.youtube.com www.yahoo.com  (See figure2)
Step 4: Save the file.


All the websites which you entered in the file are now blocked. If you want to unblock any of these websites, just delete its address from the host file.


Any questions? Leave a comment....!!!
Happy Learning :)

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Download card works crack free

CardWorks (Business Card Software) helps you design and print your own business cards. Creating your own business cards is easy with a wide range of free business card templates. Supports all standard sizes of business cards. Print business cards yourself or export your business card files and have them professionally printed. 
 Popular features include:
  1. Large selection of business card templates to choose from. 
  2. Free additional template options available for download. 
  3. Single or double-sided card design options. 
  4. Names and addresses can be stored for multiple businesses. 
  5. Include images, logo, self-picture, etc.,with multiple formats supported (gif, jpg, png and bmp). 
Export high resolution PDFs to take to your local printer.

Free version has watermark on all business cards. To remove the watermark you must upgrade to the paid version.

Download CardWorks here

Buy this software from the developers so that they can make more good software for us. 
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Jan 27, 2017

How to add popular posts widget in blogger

Popular Posts widget is a must have for a blog or  website An eye-catching popular post widget not only increases the beauty and style of your website/Blog but it will impress your readers also. This will also increase the chance to get more clicks in your blog. today we will learn about how to add a Popular Posts widget in your blog. Adding and customizing popular post is very easy. 
Just follow the steps below-

Step 1- Login to your Blogger account and go to Layout as shown in Fig 1.
Fig 1

Step 2-  Click "Add a gadget" as shown in fig 2 below.
Fig 2
Step 3- A pop up box will open, select "Popular posts" widget from it as shown in Fig3 below.
Fig 3
Step 4- Now configure your Popular posts Widget as shown in fig 4 below.

Fig 4
1- Name you like to display in your  blog for popular posts widget. Rename it according to your taste.
2- The time period you want blogger to choose posts from. You can choose any but All time is recommended.

3- How many posts you like to display in popular posts widget (Max 10). Check Image thumbnail to show images.

4Save your popular posts Gadget.

Step 4- At last click Save arrangement at top right corner as in fig 5
Fig 5
Hurray.....! You have successfully added popular posts widget to your blog.

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