Aug 17, 2018

How to Install Microsoft office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a raster graphics editor introduced in Microsoft Office 2003 and included up to Office 2010. It is the replacement to Microsoft Photo Editor, which itself was introduced in Office 97 and included up to Office XP. 

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a must have tool for windows. If this tool is not included in your MS Office package, you can still install it.

To Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager Follow the steps below:-

Step1: Download SharePoint Designer 2007.

Step2: In the Choose the download you want page, select SharePointDesigner.exe and click Next.

Step3: In the message (at the bottom of your screen) that asks if you want to Run or Save the .exe file, click Run.

Step4: Accept the license terms and click Continue.

Step5: On the Choose the installation you want page, click Customize.

Step6: Expand Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer and select Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Step7: Click the drop-down arrow next to Microsoft Office Picture Manager and click Run from my computer.

Step8: Click Install Now.

All Done......!! You have successfully added MS Office Picture manager to your Computer.

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Happy Learning.....!!!
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