Sep 30, 2020

How to earn money by mobile phone camera


Hi friends. Todays post is going to be very interesting. 

Todays almost every person carries a smart phone with him. Everybody keep playing with his cellphone most of the time. It because modern day phones have a lot of functions as compared to old times. These days we can do a lot with our smartphone. 

Among these amazing features smartphones are loaded with a good quality camera so we keep taking photos everywhere. 

Here comes the interesting part. Most of the people don't know that we can actually sell our photos online to make some money. 

In this post i will tell you about one such amazing website wherewhere you can sell your photos. There are few rules though

• You must be the owner of the photo u upload obviously. 

• Quality of the photos must meet the site standards. 

• Photos with any issue will be rejected. 

• After u upload a photo it will be reviewed by the site team and you will be informed accordingly. 

You will get the detailed rules and regulations on the website. 

So how to start

1. Click here to goto

2. Register and create your account. 

3. Upload the best of your photos. 

4.Your photos will be reviewed and you can check in couple of days if your your photo has been APPROVED or REJECTED. 

5. Once your photo is approved it will published for public. 

6. Whenever anyone purchases your photo online you will get money for it. 

Try it

Best of luck. 

Any questions. Leave a comment. 

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